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Sunday, November 5th, 7pm








A terrifying show of symphonic music that will leave you shaking with fear.

An incredible concert where we will tell dark legends together with the best classical music and the best-known movie soundtracks of mystery and terror.

Come and live with us this terrifying experience where the music of the great composers will be accompanied by lights and scenography that will come together to create a unique and unforgettable show.

Saint-Saëns Dance Macabre, Mussorgsky s A Night on the Naked Mountain and Dracula, Vampire Hunter are some of the titles that will make our hair stand on end.

Banda Municipal de Lleida
Marta Roselló Barnola, violin
Amadeu Urrea, conductor







Banda Municipal de Lleida












Lleida Municipal Band

Lleida Municipal Band is a Fanfare orchestra from the city of Lleida (Catalonia).  Founded in 1996 under the direction of Mr. Amadeu Urrea Pérez, who still conducts the band, it has 50+ musicians. The band plays mainly symphonic music, though its repertoire also includes film, traditional and fanfare favourites.

Thanks to the full support from Lleida City Council, the band has strived to contribute to the musical education of its members and the diffusion of music since its founding. Our band has achieved a great cultural prestige due to the presence of guest conductors, premieres of works by local composers, a stable season of concerts in l’Auditori (Lleida Concert Hall) and a growing international presence.

The Band has recorded two CDs, the first one being Música i músics de Lleida  which summarises the intense activity of our band and the project for recovering lost scores for band and the projection of young soloists. In 2007 the band recorded Fem 10 anys to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Throughout the years the band has started coproductions with several organisations in Lleida, such as dance schools, choirs cultural organisations as well as charities. We have also cooperated with other bands in our surroundings (Monzon, Amposta, Fraga, and the French Foix and L’Union) as well as take part in important festivals and contests at home and abroad.
The band has been a host in the International Music Festival in Matadepera (Spain), International “Certamen de Bandas” in Valencia (the biggest band festival in Spain) and in several exchanges in France, Germany and Portugal. (Vilanova de Gaia, Foix, etc.)

In 2007, the band took part in the 10th edition of MidEurope Festival in Schladming (Austria), one of the biggest fanfare festivals in Europe. The following year the band was both a guest at the 1st Band Festival in Foix (France) and in the Jüngfrau Music Festival in Interlaken (Switzerland) where we were awarded a 3rd place overall. In 2009, we were selected to perform at the WMC (World Music Contest) in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. 2010 and 2011 say the band perform in the 13th Young Band Festival in Echedoro-Sindos (Thessaloniki, Greece) and the International Band Festival in Kos (Greece). Finally, in 2012 we were selected to take part in the International Festival of Florence – Firenze (Italy) performing in Firenze, Montecatini Terme and San Giminiano.









Ilerband, Lleida Street Band


The spring festival of the city of Lleida in May 2010 saw the birth of Ilerband, the street fanfare of our city. The band appears as a result of the support and cooperation of Lleida City Council, Banda Municipal de Lleida and 20+ brass, woodwind and percussion musicians. The street band was conducted by Mr. Joan Pere Roselló, clarinettist and concertino at Banda Municipal de Lleida.

Ilerband offers a wide repertoire, including Catalan traditional music as well as street music and marches from Spain, Italy, the USA, etc. We also perform jazz and blues, as well as light music. Currently the band works on Eastern European and Balkan street music. The street band differs from other fanfares due to its instrumental variety and the originality of its repertoire.

Their next step is dignifying Balkan street music and presenting it on stage, the show will premiere in their city in Autumn 2013, as well as presenting their band across Catalonia and Europe. 
Currently, the group has Xema Bretos direction, and a large repertoire of varied and lively who interacts with the audience and becomes part of the spectacle offered by the band.






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